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This is the therapy most people are familiar with. Traditional Swedish massage techniques are used in addition to trigger point therapy, myofascial work, stretching, range of motion work, and compression. Pressure and applied techniques are catered to each individual client, and will be discussed at time of service. “Deep tissue” work falls under this category.



Prenatal massage is for mothers-to-be that have moved past the first trimester of pregnancy. While bodywork for expecting mothers warrants special precautions, we provide work that is just as focused, therapeutic and problem-oriented as our other services. Whether general relaxation or attention to seemingly endless pain is desired, prenatal massage is sure to provide relief to the women that need it the most.


Thai Bodywork is a slow-paced healing session during which the therapist uses their hands, feet, elbows, and knees to compress the muscles, stimulate acupressure points and gently stretch the body, allowing deep relaxation, decompression, opening & relief. Thai herbal compresses are often used to achieve warming of the skin, deeper fluidity within the body, and transdermal application of the healing herbs within. 



While Sports Massage was developed to help athletes recover after bouts of intense physical exertion, maintain physical output during long periods of training, and to address sport-related injuries, most anyone experiencing restricted range of motion, tendinous or muscular injury, or chronic pain can benefit from Sports Massage. Commonly used techniques more specific to Sports Massage are passive & active range of motion work, stretching, and controlled temperature therapies.



A traditional Thai modality, fire cupping incorporates the use of a flame to create a naturally-achieved source of suction, which targets the superficial layers of the body by effecting blood & lymph circulation. By manually creating space, glass cups facilitate movement of blood & lymph to areas of ailment, thereby facilitating expulsion of stagnant metabolic waste found in the tissues therein. Often, markings left by fire cupping can be telling of areas to look to in future assessment of ailment, and can function as a pre-emptive “diagnostic” tool for future physical therapies.



Acupressure points are associated with the entire body. Reflexology is the study & manipulation of said acupressure points, located in the feet & hands, with a desired result of change within the body based on the subtle manipulation of associated neurological pathways. For individual 60-minute reflexology sessions, a handmade herbal foot soak & scrub is incorporated to soften the tissues & facilitate more profound work. 20-minute Reflexology treatments may also be added to any therapeutic session with Josephine Cole.


The belly is one of the most neglected regions of the body in the West, often seen as taboo to even acknowledge. It is also the region that harbors much of our life force- thereby one of the most impactful regions on our overall well-being. The Abdominal Unlocking work is a 2- to 3- hour session during which ailment and adhesion are addressed in all five layers of the belly (skin, tissue, channel, bone, & organ) in order to yield relief that resonates.

photo by Christi Addison

photo by Christi Addison



Migraines can be absolutely debilitating. If you suffer from them, you’ve probably tried every oral and topical painkiller under the sun. These remedies might offer temporary reprieve from the pain, but usually lack consistency in efficacy and duration. This is typically because painkillers only address the symptoms, not the underlying sources, of the migraine. Though not always true, migraines are very often rooted in muscular restrictions called “satellite trigger points,” which can radiate widespread pain throughout the cranium, leading to various pain and sensitivity. Because these trigger points radiate pain to other locations, they can be very difficult to find, and often go undiscovered, leading to years of unresolved, chronic migraines. Specialized massage techniques focusing on trigger points in & around the occipital ridge, ocular cavities, temporomandibular joints, and muscles of the neck can help - not only by relieving symptoms temporarily, but by finding the true source of your migraines in order to work towards permanent relief.

Our Migraine Mediator service is available in 30- and 60-minute (recommended) increments, and incorporates specific techniques and herbal products in order to achieve the goals of deactivating satellite trigger points, relieving pressure in the head & face, and preventing the less-than-pleasant “migraine hangover.”


This focused work is designed to tend to the areas of the body that we use so much but often neglect to care for. This service is great for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, overuse of the hands, headaches, excessive standing, or just because!


While all of the services we offer at Resolve aim to create lasting, impactful change in our clients, medical massage for the spine is particularly helpful for those suffering from specific, physician-diagnosed complications of the spine, including, but not limited to, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, scoliosis, & herniated discs. Specific referral for massage therapy by a physician is requested for this service.


lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic circulation is a vital part of maintaining a healthy immune system. Since lymph does not have a pump that helps it move through the body, like the heart, it relies on muscle and joint movement as its means of circulation. Lymphatic drainage massage can aid significantly in creating and maintaining healthy lymphatic circulation. Consistent sessions can help alleviate common swelling around the feet, ankles, knees, and any other parts of the body that you feel may "hold water" excessively. It is an excellent supplement to anyone suffering from chronic conditions that may limit every day movement. *Lymphatic drainage should not be performed on anyone that is currently sick, or has been sick within the last week.


Getting tattooed can be very painful. If you recognize that areas of sensitivity vary from person to person, you recognize that not all bodies are the same. One reason for this is that based on our experiences, our fascia has adapted to tighten & protect certain areas, which means that it also pulls on and compromises opposing areas. Based on this premise, different areas of the body are bound to vary in tension. Superficial, moving cupping 18-24 hours prior to a tattooing session can help soften the area that will be worked on, thereby lessening discomfort during tattoo sessions. When you book a tattoo session, contact us to book a corresponding cupping session to make the whole process suck a bit less. *We’ve tried it and can attest to its validity!*

complementary services


Cupping may be provided by use of silicone, or hard plastic cups. Both methods effect adhesion in the fascia, in addition to promoting circulation to areas of ailment. Cupping is a superficially-oriented therapy and, while tightness is normal in ailed areas, should never hurt. *Marking similar to bruising is an expected after-effect of cupping therapy.



THAI SCRAPING (gaan kroot)

While cupping can be a superstar for circulatory & anti-adhesive effect in the superficial layers of the body, scraping can help to manually disperse & prevent scar tissue build-up, and other superficial adhesions. You may look like you’ve been truly scraped after this technique is applied, but its effects are profound and long-lived.


Herbal compresses are wonderful, little bundles of warm, healing power with the ability to permeate all five layers of the body. In addition to making your massage feel even cozier, these compresses effect circulation, lymphatic flow, core temperature balance, and add an element of aromatic bliss.


CBD topicals & edibles are available to try & buy in-studio.

CBD topicals & edibles are available to try & buy in-studio.

Take home CBD bath bombs to deepen your therapeutic experience.

Take home CBD bath bombs to deepen your therapeutic experience.


While there is lingering controversy surrounding CBD products, marked by the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp plants with less than .03% THC content have been lifted of their federal regulation, and are now treated as commodity crops. CBD may effect people differently based on the cannabinoid receptors in their bodies, but we agree that across the board, topical application of CBD to areas of chronic & acute ailment can greatly reduce inflammation & pain severity. We find CBD to be a valuable enhancement tool for any person’s well-being.


While CBD products are our default, perhaps a client has abnormally clammy skin, indicating suppressed topical circulation & the need for a warming, circulation-enhancing massage oil. Our array of herbal options ensures that each client’s individual needs will be addressed and catered to, down to the product used for each service. By default, CBD and handmade herbal products will be used to suit each client’s needs - they don’t negate each other- and are stronger when forces are combined.

Additionally, handmade teas designed to either relax, energize or cater to expecting mothers are available upon request as a part of each session scheduled here at Resolve.