“My first session with Mackenzie came after encountering her Thai-style herbal steam with restorative yoga class at Humble Haven Yoga, at a time when I was coming out of a season of massive burnout and physical/ emotional overwhelm. I don't think there was anywhere I was not carrying tension. What was initially an hour-long appointment turned into 90 minutes of Mackenzie intuitively feeling out what needed to be addressed, and even going so far as to recommend steps to take on a regular basis toward better and more holistic self-care. She's continued to be that attentive and helpful, and has exposed me to adaptogenic herbs, ways of winding down, and other kinds of bodywork, in addition to her continued hands-on care. I've been seeing her regularly for over a year now, but it's always as much of a bright spot and relief as that first time!”

- Jenni W.

‘‘If you’re looking for a truly therapeutic massage, Mackenzie is your girl. I have always had back issues, so I get massages a lot, and have been to some of the highest rated spas in the country and have NEVER had a better massage than Mackenzie. She intuitively knows where your trouble spots are and how to fix them... I’ve walked in to her room before convinced an issue was with my low back and had her work on a muscle in my leg instead, leaving feeling like a new person. I walk out of a Mackenzie massage feeling a little beat up (in the best possible way), less anxious, with so much muscle relief, and even a little taller. You won’t find a better massage in Richmond- or anywhere else.”

-Emma J.

“Back pain is inevitable when you work in healthcare. My back pain was becoming progressively worse and I knew I had to do something about it. Mackenzie was recommended to me by a coworker. I have been seeing her once a month for the past year and I feel improvement in my pain. She has gotten to know me and my pain, and she follows up on how I feel to help tailor each session to what I need. I love that she includes cupping and scraping therapy. There is no better feeling than to experience full range of motion without wincing in pain. Massage therapy is not a frivolous expense if it can provide relief, especially if it can prevent taking time away from work. I understand my occupational hazards and scoliosis will always be aggravating factors with my back pain, but I am so glad I found Mackenzie.”

-Anne A.